At the tender age of 20 Tay-Leiha is an Australian Athlete who is supported in her journey by various organisations that give her the freedom to be a full time athlete.

She is affectionately known as Tay, her main events include Triple Jump and Long Jump.

Tay was first taken serious as a athlete, in particular as a triple jumper, when at the age of 16 won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics. Being the youngest in the field was not a problem for Tay.

Tay-Leiha is a very talented and physically gifted young athlete, growing up excelling at a high level in a variety of sports. Over the past couple of years she has developed along the athletic pathway and has now established herself as one of the country’s leading young triple jumpers.

Tay-Leiha has a very strong support network in her family, coaches and her training partners and with the right financial support Tay-Leiha and her coaches can concentrate on making sure that the promise she is showing now as a junior athlete enables her to become a world class senior athlete in the future.

The goals for Tay-Leiha in the coming years would be to refine her technique and develop her strength to be competitive at a Senior International  level.

Tay is in the process of launching her own line of products, with the focus selling to property developers, real estate agents and the corporate business gifts.

This is an exciting time in her life, an opportunity Tay is taking very serious, knowing she can give back to the community.

To date Tay has featured in:

  • ASICS Domestic & Global Campaign 2017 & 2018
  • Rebel Sports ASICS Light show Campaign September 2018
  • PANTENE Campaign 2018
  • BERLEI Campaign 2018
  • Women’s Health Magazine  Australia in the Septemer edition
  • Supre’s Clothing launch of their Sporte range showcased throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2016 & 2017.
  • Saturday Disney Channel, showcasing her natural talents.
  • Womens Health Magazine Australia  in the May 2016 edition

Tay is living the life she has always dreamed of, and hopes to inspire young girls around the world to follow their dreams